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Why Vinca

A Low Maintenance Groundcover

Vinca minor, or creeping myrtle, is a low maintenance ground cover that is both beautiful, fast growing, but also gives you a no mow, no weeds alternative.  Vinca minor does best in minor shade but is tolerant of full sun if proper watering is done during the hottest, driest months. The added benefit of amethyst blue flowers is just another reason why Vinca minor is one of the most popular ground covers in the world.  

General Information :

Common Name: Vinca, Perriwinkle, Myrtle

Hardiness Zone: 4-11

Takes fun Sun: Zones 4-6

Needs Some Shade : Zone 7-8

Needs Full Shade:  Zone 9-11

Periwinkle or Vinca blooms early in spring and then sporadically through the entire summer into fall.  Vinca is a trailing plant that roots in where the ends touch and start the process of trailing again. This process makes the plant the perfect plant to protect from soil erosion.

Vinca is the perfect groundcover to fill holes in difficult to grow areas like under trees and by the house due to its toughness.  It will grow in the worst of soil but you'll be amazed how fast it spreads in loose, organic soil.  And vinca doesn't climb so you don't have to worry about it attacking your plants or walls



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